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Financial Considerations

What does a Funeral Cost?
We are mindful that funeral costs can put some families under financial pressure.  If there are budget constraints let your funeral director know and we can work together to minimise unnecessary costs, keeping within your budget.

Naturally there are many variables which affect the final cost of each funeral but most funeral accounts are made up of two components.
The Professional Services Fee
Which is the funeral directors charge for their services. 

This includes uplifting deceased from place of death, hygienic preparation, use of facilities, obtaining medical documentation, conducting funeral and personal services, registration of death and all incidental attendances.

Which includes items such as the caskets, memorial books, grave markers etc.

Which is for items paid for on your behalf by the funeral director, for example it may include items such as catering, gratuities, newspaper notices, death certificate, flowers, cremation fees, doctors fees to name a few.