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Burial & Cremation

Choosing Between Burial or Cremation

Burial headstone
The choice between burial or cremation is a very personal one. 

As well as the plot fee there will usually be an interment and maintenance fee.  Depending on the cemetery and the plot you choose, you may be able to inter one or sometimes up to three people per plot.  An additional cost is the installation of a memorial headstone. 

Many families find comfort in having a grave to go to, to remember and reflect on someone who has died.  They can often find comfort in perhaps seeing their parents, or perhaps a parent and child symbolically reunited after being separated by an earlier death.
Cremation is usually a less expensive option than burial. 

Before a cremation can occur the doctor in attendance signs a number of forms.  Following that, a Medical Referee will give us Permission to Cremate.

Families and friends often like to put mementos in the casket but sometimes these to have to be removed prior to cremation, for example glass or batteries.  Your Funeral Director can advise what these restrictions are.  The only thing required to be removed from a person’s body prior to cremation is a pacemaker and your Funeral Director will arrange this.