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Flowers are what families remember about a funeral celebration.

Flowers are what families remember about a funeral celebration.  They offer comfort and delight for all mourners. 

We are extremely proud of our local floral supplier Lynley from The Flower Storr.  She has delivered many beautiful tributes over the years.  Lynley is only too happy to share her extensive knowledge of flowers and plants.  Sometimes combining special flowers from your garden in a beautiful tribute to your loved one.

Our families will be given the option at the time of funeral arrangement as to what will become of the flowers following the service eg; home, on an existing plot, hospital or hospice. 

We also encourage families making their own tributes from flowers at home: special colours, special memories.  Tributes for the casket need not be floral.  Baskets of veges, woodworking tools, golf clubs etc.
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